Recently it seems a week can’t go by without a car or Apple story hitting the press – this week we had the pleasure of a two in one.

Apple is working on an electric car, maybe; it’s codenamed ‘Titan’, and apparently looks like a minivan. The secret project has sent the Mac rumour mills into overdrive.

There are plenty of facts fuelling the fire. It’s said that ex-Ford engineer Steve Zadesky is heading up the 1,000 person strong team and if we look back to a 2012 court testimony there’s proof of ‘iCar’ plans that predate the iPhone. Plus according to Elon Musk, Apple is trying to tempt people from Tesla with $250,000 signing bonuses and 60% salary increases. Which is a little rich considering Tesla has reportedly hired 150 ex-Apple employees.

The Tesla vs. Apple news has broken at the same time as the UK government giving the green light to driverless cars. They’re more like driverless pods but it’s definitely a positive step towards a future with autonomous automobiles.

Before we get too excited, let’s just remember that Apple has many projects on the go that never see the light of day.