It’s F*ck Yeah all around for Coyote

Coyote Journey Film from Moving Brands® on Vimeo.

Towards the end of December, we released the case study for our Coyote re-brand. It seems a few people managed to drag themselves away from the Christmas leftovers long enough to check what was happening in the design world, and the response from those of you that have seen the work has been brilliant. Thanks again for all your support!

Tony Spaeth at Identityworks spoke to the Coyote team about what the rebrand has meant to their company, and summarized the project with, “Among the thirteen programs I reviewed in 2011, for its strategic grounding, CEO ownership, design impact and comprehensive implementation, I rate Coyote’s as the best corporate identity change of the year.”

BP&O provided a thoughtful review of the project, and named the identity second in their top five branding projects of 2011. Thanks also to Experimenta and PiensoLogoExisto for their coverage.

Working with the Coyote team was a brilliant experience for MBSF. MB’s James Bull, Creative lead on the project, described the process. “They’re an amazing company with the best people, unprecedented growth and sure potential – and now with world class, kick-ass branding to boot – Coyote is coming of age.”

This film gives a sense of the both the strategic underpinning of the work, and the playful, passionate team that is Coyote.