Review: High Society



Philip Browning, Senior Copywriter gives a review on High Society, the Cole Porter classic feel-good musical showing at the Old Vic in London.

Of course ‘High Society’ is tosh, but it’s premium tosh – all tap-dancing-on-grand-piano elegant swell-egance.  It takes a top-notch cast to deliver so precisely Cole Porter’s deluxe lyrics (‘When the Phoenicians threw a party/The driest host would drink a toast to Astarté’), while feigning intoxication on free-flowing Taittinger and smoking cigarettes at a 1950s rate. In a musical where it’s normal for a character to buy as yacht as a wedding present, you need heavyweight talent to give the light touch it deserves. Splash out on a front row seat in the newly configured in-the-round Old Vic and you’ll literally come out sparkling.