Jeu tangible


On Monday night, Ellen and I draped ourselves in as much MB merch as we could muster, and headed over to arch-rivals healthy competitors, Wolff Olins for a talk from French graphic designer, Etienne Mineur. Mineur is transfixed by the digital meeting the tangible, especially the ways in which the paper book can embrace technology. He opened with his archive from nearly seven years creating conceptual websites for Issey Miyake. From a sound-responsive site in 2002/3 to a later example placing the code front and centre, Mineur’s work has an enduring quality, transcending time in those most transitory of worlds – technology and fashion. Today, Minuer and his team at Incandescence (their Paris-based design studio) are exploring apps, turning the screen into a playing board which interacts with the physical world around it. Minuer closed the talk with an interesting philosophy – for him the website no longer matters. All he cares about is paper and apps, and how they talk to each other. You can find out more about Minuer here and brush up on your French while you’re at it. And huge thanks to our hosts and the kick-ass buffet!