#JimSpeaks is an ongoing series from MB Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer, Jim Bull that gives his opinion on creativity and his learnings from 16 years of running an independent, global creative business.

Some of the brilliant questions Jim’s already answered are:

  • How did you manage the growth of @movingbrands & what help did you have with advice & consultancy on the way? From @benbrookbanks – See Jim’s video response here.
  • How do you balance market research vs your own instincts on brand positioning & design feedback? From @studiolovelock
  • Whatprocesses do MB put in place for aiming to deliver consistently across multiple studios/countries? From @DarrenatSix

We’d love to hear your responses to any questions you want to throw at Jim. Stay tuned for his responses over the coming weeks, and check out more on Twitter with #JimSpeaks.