Landor talk teaser…


Last week, Ben and the SF team headed down to Landor to talk about branding. In true MB spirit, Ben balked a little at the use of the word ‘b’ word, saying “the term (branding) has so much baggage….branding seems to be lost in the ’90s at the moment.”

Beer in hand, Ben spoke instead about ‘creativity,’ and the role of story-telling and system thinking in branding. He explained that Moving Brands developed from a desire to “tell a story as well as the best ads, built around a system as good as the best brands,” and went on to discuss how the MB process and the global team structure have evolved in order to enable this.

A scrolling twitter feed on the screen behind Ben showed results for #movingbrandslandor, and provided questions from all over the world, with Ken Frederick in Germany asking “how much do process/discovery/happy accidents factor into your approach?” Ben was also asked what the key differences between SF and London designers were, which lead to some controversial responses given he was playing to a SF home crowd.

With a film of the talk set to be uploaded here, and on the event blog, in the next few days, I’ll avoid giving too much away. But a big thanks to Landor for having us, for those of you who managed to pop down, and all the others that tweeted questions for Ben.