LCF – Graduate Show 2008

Building on the success of last year’s interactive exhibition, which recently won a European Design award, Moving Brands created ‘The Looking Glass’, the 2008 graduate exhibition for The London College of Fashion. The exhibition was an opportunity for 600 students from nearly 40 different courses to showcase their work to a largely industry based audience, who were on the lookout for the stars of the future.

Each student was represented by a post-card sized tag, which, when placed on one of four custom built responsive tables would activate a playful, interactive projection of the respective student’s work on the table surface.

These tangible table interfaces were developed to enable the viewer to naturally activate a digital portfolio of images or text, which playfully fan out across the screens when a card is placed onto the table. The tables were built using bespoke software created to support existing reACTivision, in conjunction with Processing.

‘The Looking Glass’ theme plays out through use of a dark, monochrome palette and mirroring effects, designed to give a sense of transparency and intrigue. This is carried through all printed elements including invites, a map/ poster and a wallet designed for people to keep their chosen cards in. The space itself has similarly been designed to draw visitors through the room in an engaging and inviting way.