Let’s get glugging

GLUGLast night, Glug London returned, with a fresh line up of speakers hosted at Fabric Nightclub. Speaking at last nights event were, most notably, Kin Design, FIELD, and Hirschandmann. Kin shared insight into their beautiful work with ITV Studios, and a host of other projects that have recently worked their way through their studio. FIELD shared details of their work with Adidas, Nike and Deutsche bank. They shared their passion for mixing art, design and technology to create beautiful, engaging experiences for their partners. With a portfolio of work not too dissimilar to the work of the previous studios, Hirschandmann did however, offer insight into some of their more playful projects; introducing the audience too F.R.H.A.N.K, their current ‘in beta’ robot, as well as their wacky Cadbury Joy Jacket.


Elsewhere in the event, Glug was hosting a team from Oculus Rift, giving visitors the opportunity to have a play and see what the immersive gaming platform has in store for people. Both MB’s Sarah Burgess and Steffan Cummins had a chance to take the kit for a test drive. “It’s a very surreal experience and easy to feel out of control of your surroundings, which was really exciting” explained Sarah after feeling a little dizzy returning to the real world. It was an interesting experience, and certainly a moment that made them realise how this technology will impact the gaming and other industries in the future.

Once again, a fun evening with plenty of design folk chatting design and tech over beer and wine. We look forward to the next Glug!


Written by MB’s Junior Designer’s Sarah Burgess and Steffan Cummins