Let’s hear it from the girls…

monsterWell, after hearing all the wondrous tales from across the pond, our current interns back here in the UK decided to give their take on the experience. Yes, we know it’s taken a while; I blame it on a combination of astonishing sunshine, deadlines and the Bricklayers Arms myself. So without further ado…

I came to moving brands fresh off the grad show train, blinking in the sunlight after spending a little too much time inside at D&AD new blood. I sat at my big empty desk on that first day, nervously drinking my 10th cup of tea (no one else wanted one and I had taken on the ‘tea making’ aspect of an intern a little too literally) wondering what I was going to do with myself.
This lasted all of two minutes.
I learnt very early on that at Moving Brands, teamwork is key. It is this that drives the ideas, the abundant enthusiasm and the absolute attention to detail that makes their work so damn slick.
From day one I was treated as one of MB, they’re such a nice bunch. As a creative intern I have been very greedy and had a go at whatever I could get my hands on. They don’t seem to mind, on the contrary, I have been encouraged take part in just about every aspect of the creative process that I could possibly manage. Getting to chance to flit between one project to the next and back again, dealing with deadlines, clients, rogue printers and Jackson (the office dog)’s morning tennis ball drool has been, well, it’s been a very good summer.

Hi, I am Mily and I have been a Strategy Intern here at Moving brands for the past four weeks and what a wonderful four weeks it has been. The MB studios are a real hub of creativity, filled with the friendliest, most forward thinking and hard working people. From the moment I arrived, I have been involved with many projects and managed to get a real sense of how the company works. Whilst I have had a particular focus on the strategy process, I have met and worked with individuals across the team- all of whom have welcomed me onboard and treated me as an equal- sounds simple, but unfortunately this is not always the case with internships but Moving Brands have been great.
As a budding strategist, I have thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the discussions and creative thinking that goes on here in such a professional and inspiring environment. A bit of a shout out to Georgina Milne and Camilla Grey, who have just been amazing – warm and kind in nature and strategy and marketing goddesses.
So 6 projects, 5 blog posts, 2 conference calls, one company birthday and many a handshake later, I am really quite sad to be leaving. Thanks guys, I enjoyed every minute of it.