LIA’s Bronze for All About Tea


The All About Tea identity has picked up its 7th international accolade, with a bronze win in the Global Brand Identity category of the London International Awards.

The LIA were established 26 year ago, as a global competition honouring creativity and new ideas in Advertising, Design and Digital media. The winners allude to just how varied and international the competing agencies are.

Although we were sorry to miss the event last night, we were thrilled to receive our award in the post this morning. It’s unfortunate the image to the left doesn’t give a real sense of its weight and scale – it’s bronzed wings certainly got the studio talking.

There are some illuminating comments in the Jury’s Comment section of the website; Richard Bates, Chief Creative Officer of The Brand Union NY debated the difficulties in defining ‘design.’ “Design can refer to a big picture, organizing principle or an end of the food chain tactical execution. Defining design as a category in an advertising award is challenging and a little convoluted, but the confusion accurately reflects the role of design and designers as an offering and occupation in the consumer communications world.”

We couldn’t agree more with Bates’ very moving world view of the role of digital; “I missed seeing web design this year in the design category. It must have been relegated to the “digital” category. I’m feeling ghettoized. This brings the observation: as the traditional advertising industry desperately tries to evolve, as campaigns become more “integrated,” as brands experiment with moving their traditional one-sided communication with consumers to multi-channel “conversations,” multi-disciplinary creative teams are required to work together seamlessly. Maybe we should consider multi-disciplinary juries.”

We hear you Bates, our brilliant bronze statue makes us feel a little ghettoized as well.