Like YouTube, but better



Parents, YouTube is child-safe. For years, children have been in grasping distance of your tablets and smartphones, repeatedly clicking the play button, increasing the volume of their favourite new tune and innocently stumbling across things not suitable for prying young eyes. Finally,YouTube has launched a standalone app for kids.

Many reported that YouTube’s existing parental control features were too difficult to use and weren’t clearly signposted. YouTube’s new app aims to make it easier for parents to protect children from inappropriate content; with enhanced filtering of content and ads, time-cap features and limiting content to four categories (shows, music, learning, explore).

The app is quite a departure from YouTube’s existing design aesthetic. Big, podgy buttons and simplified options are easier for younger fingers to select, playful illustrations and colours that pop through the screen help to create a more inviting aesthetic. Although designed with a specific audience in mind, it arguably provides a better experience than YouTube’s main app. A place that’s easy to navigate, has no trolls and has hours of LEGO films? We’re in.

YouTube Kids is already available to download on iOS and Android in the US, and there are plans to roll this out further a field.