Losing sleep over Night Shift

night shift

Since Apple released its Night Shift feature in its iOS 9.3 update, the tech world has stood divided about how beneficial it is. For those of you who’ve gotten over the ritual of Apple keynotes, Night Shift is supposedly meant to help people sleep better if they’re using their devices at night. It alters the screen colours to make them ‘warmer’, removing the harsher blue light.

The Verge’s Elizabeth Lopatto investigated the science behind Night Shift, to little avail: ‘while Night Shift may alleviate some eyestrain; it doesn’t make clear what wavelengths are being cut. Nor is it clear what the optimal level of blue light for reducing side effects like eyestrain and sleeplessness are’.

Matt Swider for TechRadar disagrees, ‘I really can’t go back to not using it. Sort of like most sleeping pills, Night Shift can be addictive to the point where you might not be able to live without it once you start’. Even if Night Shift works, that sounds like the least pleasant experience of sleep possible. Maybe it’s best to side with Lopatto, ‘the best way to fall asleep easily is the same as it ever was: don’t use your electronic devices late into the evening. Night Shift may help, but it’s not the magic solution for sweet dreams’.

This originally appeared in Moving Brands Wednesday 20160330.

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