Love me Tinder


If things haven’t been too fruitful in the month since Valentine’s, don’t panic – Tinder has just launched Tinder Plus. The dating app’s new features include Undo (for when you accidentally swipe left), Passport (for a swipe abroad) and unlimited likes (for anyone who loves to swipe right).

As expected, Tinder’s latest outing has a subscription fee, but proving you’re a catch on Tinder Plus might come with a catch. If you’re under 28, Tinder Plus is available for £3.99 / $9.99 a month. If you’re unfortunate enough to be over 28, you’ll be charged a whopping £14.99 / $19.99.

So Tinder might finally be making some money, and by Tinder we mean its owners IAC, (who also own and OKCupid). IAC has positioned Tinder as the gateway drug of online dating – teenagers get hooked on online dating via what seems like a game, then move onto IAC’s ‘harder’ dating sites as they grow up.

Can we expect other highly valued companies to follow Tinder’s lead, and start charging tiered subscriptions in order to turn a profit?  Or will they follow Snapchat’s projected plans and generate cash through advertising and the sale of virtual goods?

And, if there are any 30+ people out there who feel cheated about the new Tinder pricing system, there’s always this absolutely horrifying device to turn to.