Lunch & Learn


Today we were very happy to welcome Al from String into the studio for one of our infamous Lunch and Learns. String – according to the web spiel – “delivers cutting edge vision-based augmented reality solutions to developers, brands and agencies in the exploding AR market”. String is super-fast, reducing the lag time to bring the AR to life, and ensuring the user remains in the moment and engaged with the brand.

Developers using String’s SDK can use any image of their choosing within the String frame, placing the software somewhere between fiduciary markers and¬†Natural Feature Tracking [NFT]. And, because it’s built from the ground up, there’s very little processing required so developers can be up and running within minutes. Al got us all around his iPhone 4 to check out some of the Showcase work in action – an app which debuted on The Daily in its inaugural week. Click here to see some videos.

It was really great to have Al visit and remind us why we were so excited about AR last year. Now that smartphone technology has advanced and proliferated to the masses, AR finally has a chance to shed its “one hit wonder” image and really do something wonderful.

(Photo montage made using the Diptic app which was totally not worth the £1.19 I paid for it. Stick with Instagram folks!)