Machine Stop teaser launches!


Moving Brands is creating an interactive 3-dimensional music video for breakthrough band Duologue’s new single Machine Stop. The soon to be released web experience allows fans to take control of the band’s performance. The reactive teaser site for the single has just launched.

We were approached by Duologue’s management company Everybody’s to support the band in creating something unique and interactive, supporting the lyrics of Machine Stop, which deal with confused vision and lack of sight. We looked to alternative ways in which the band’s performance could be captured and distributed, allowing their fans unprecedented control in a medium which is conventionally a one-sided discourse. The resulting concept was to capture the scene as moving 3D data, using Kinect cameras and purpose-built software and hardware.

We invented an end-to-end system that would support the challenge of filming with a Kinect: from camera to data, from data to movie file, from movie file to player in browser. This technically complex process required custom-made Kinect rigs, 3D printed clamps, and management and mastery of over 1.5billion lines of raw data. Check out Duologue’s behind the scenes video of the shoot, which shows MB’ers Tim and Guy explaining this ambitious process!


The final ‘music video’ can be accessed in Google Chrome from the 10th of June. The musicians and renowned choreographer and performer Jean Abreu appear in the film, embodying the lyrics as powerful, mechanistic, data silhouettes. By dragging the scene with their mouse, visitors will be able to influence the angles and depth at which they view the film, switch between views of the dancer and band, and trigger special effects.

Look out for the launch of the single, and the full web experience, on June the 10th.