Madefire raises $5.2M to continue the good fight

Last week MB’s Chairman Ben visited the London studio. As well as the obligatory pints at the local, Ben updated the team on what’s been happening with his other storytelling startup, Madefire.

Madefire has just secured series A funding, a huge achievement in a market where approximately 80% of businesses never make it beyond seed funding. By Ben’s own admission, selling in ‘comics’ to the Silicon Valley crowd has been a tough slog, but their latest investment of $5.2 million means they’re able to continue pushing the technology of the tool and app.

Ben has spoken in the past about the journey of raising capital for a business, and the importance of storytelling within that process.

“VC’s are experts in funding businesses, but they’re not experts in the business you want funded. You have to be able to tell that story clearly, you have to paint that big picture, because they’re betting on your vision.”

Keep an eye out for more exciting partnership news, and check out the latest episode of Ben’s own Motion Book, ‘Mono.’