Madefire's biggest week yet?

New partnerships and Mono episode announced

It’s been a BIG week for MB’s Founder and Chairman Ben Wolstenholme and his startup Madefire.

Today Madefire announced their partnership with IDW publishing, ITV Studios America, BOOM! studios and Top Cow Productions, providing them with the rights to revolutionise the reading experience for brands like Star Trek, My Little Pony and Transformers. These will be the first motion books that Madefire has created as adaptations of existing comics. To support the announcement, MB created the above launch film, which suggest how the iconic characters will come to life on the Madefire platform.

As the news broke today, Ben explained, “A primary goal from Day One has been to work with the top publishers in the print and entertainment space toward adoption of the Motion Book experience. To launch with an elite group of publishers out the gate is tremendous and speaks volumes to their visionary approach to storytelling.”

These partnership announcements follow the news in April that Madefire had partnered with DeviantART, providing access to their 26million strong audience.

In news just as thrilling as the partnership announcement, Ben has also just released the latest episode of his own award-winning Motion Book series – Mono. After following Mono through Nazi occupied France, decimating contingents of lurking SS agents, the latest episode introduces readers to the Nazi General Heinrich Von Eberbach. David Gillette, in his glowing review in, suggests that this villain “makes Christoph Waltze’s Colonel Landa from Inglorious Basterds look like a summer camp counselor.”

You can experience the story in browser on the deviantART platform, or on iPhone or iPad through the 5-star rated Madefire app.

Ben and the Madefire team are in San Diego this week for Comic-Con, where Madefire launched last year. If you’re in the neighbourhood, swing by Madefire’s booth, #4902 and #4904.