Maker Faire kids connect with Kinect


Over the weekend some of the MB lads went road-tripping to the Brighton Mini Maker Faire.

The Community-driven, independently produced event is inspired by the original event in San Mateo – the worlds premier event for grassroots innovation. You may recall MB’er Marian’s post earlier this year from this event in California.

The weekend’s event was the inaugural fair in Brighton, and was hugely successful, trending on twitter and attracting over 5,500 people – from grizzled techys to excited kids.

Moving Brands premiered it’s Kinect hack project, Hand Drawn . Campbell and Dan have been working on this project over the last couple of months, and relished the chance to test it on the crowds. The experience reiterated the power of digital instinctives – young kids that were able to instantly understand and connect with the unfamiliar interface.

We won’t go into too much detail here, as there is a short film in the pipeline, but the lads would like to thank the organisers for an incredible event. There’s a great write-up from Andy Piper here, and more on our Hand Drawn project to come.