Making tiny games for tiny screens


Everywear Games is a Finnish developer exclusively building games for wearable tech. This week, it has successfully secured $2.25 million in seed funding from Silicon Valley capital firm True Ventures.

In recent months we have seen the rise of wearable platforms such as Apple Watch and Android Wear. These platforms currently offer a good number of games to install, but none appear to be well-tailored to the way people would interact with their smartwatch.

Gaming on a smartwatch has obvious limitations. The small screen real estate and limited number of interactions available create significant challenges when developing any app, not to mention creating a meaningful gaming experience. This startup, however, offers an interesting perspective. A recent Tech Crunch article explains the importance of time and pace, and how targeting 5-15 second pockets of time in our day could accumulate to a rewarding experience.

Many questions still remain around the purpose of these miniature experiences, and no matter the quality of the game, do we want to give ourselves repetitive strain injury playing fantasy role-playing games even for 15 seconds at a time?

Image credit: Amelie Au

This originally appeared in Moving World Wednesday 20150902

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