MB at Winchester School of Art

Tomorrow MB’s Jonny is off to visit the third year Graphic Design students at Winchester School of Art, as part of a series of industry lectures.

Jonny will discuss some of our most recent work, including projects for Into Film, Stella McCartney and Sony, as well as sharing his ‘top tips’ for soon-to-be graduates. He’ll also talk through some of our internal innovation projects, discussing why we gravitate towards emerging tech, and how we use these fun R&D experiments to provide the most interesting and relevant response to our client briefs.

The series, organised by Programme Leader and frequent MB collaborator Derek Yates, features several industry heavyweights; Spin, Someone, MB pals ustwo, and ex-MBer Karsten Schmidt. We’re hoping that this juxtaposition of skills and viewpoints provides the students with an important lesson – there is not one ‘right way’ to approach a career in design. It’s great to see education providers inspiring and empowering their students by opening them up to just some of the options.


  • Jonny’s talk was amazing. He spoke about his work and experiences at MB with such passion, it’s made me set my scopes high. I’d absolutely love to work in such a creative environment.

  • Jake Sharpe

    Your showreels are insightful and inspiring, thanks for the talk.

  • Philip Browning

    Take the work seriously, but not yourself. If the students came away with this piece of advice from Mr Naismith, they’ve been given an invaluable insight. Great work, Jonny!