MB in Swiss Typo Mag


Moving Brands has always been enthralled with the idea of a ‘Living Identity.’ Recently we were asked to contribute a 32 page special feature, showcasing one of our own Living Identity projects, in the world’s oldest printing and typography periodical – the TM RSI STM magazine.

Founded in 1933, the bimonthly Swiss magazine has long been a feast of all things typographic – with its educational articles and inspirational covers influencing the development of graphic design and typography well beyond Switzerland. A quick search online proves the impact the magazine has on the design world, with hundreds of galleries dedicated to showcasing the various covers from the periodicals almost 80 year history.

TM RSI STM is the result of the 1952 merger between Typographie Monatsblatter (TM), Schweizer Graphische Mitteilunger (SGM) and Revue Suisse L’imprimerie (RSI), and has since been written in German and French, with occasional special features in English.

The Moving Brands 32 pg spread, ‘Swisscom: Creating a Living Identity’ tells the story of our four year (and counting!) relationship with the Swiss telecommunications giant Swisscom – from the strategy and Brand Narrativeā„¢ development, through the creation of the living identity and launch phase, right up until the latest phases of digital and film work we completed in late 2010.

We were thrilled to be a part of a magazine with the heritage and beauty of TR RSI STM – and to be able to design the cover for such an iconic magazine was a dream for some of our print-obsessed designers!


  • Aki Shelton

    Boxes of the magazines have arrived to our Tokyo studio today. Looks amazing! Well done team.