MB loving mb!

This beautiful film commissioned by Mercedes Benz for their online magazine (coincidentally called mb!) had everyone in the MB studio chatting today. Camilla alerted us to the work, saying “I love how it really speaks to the brand – elegance, performance, and gorgeousness – without a car in sight.”

MB’s resident Director Nick chimed in with: “I had to watch several times in a row before I realised the only hint of Mercedes is the classic convertible at the very beginning, barely noticeable. Love the confidence and humility to allow expression of their core to speak for the brand. The cinematography, location and frame matching are inspired, as is the skating!

Nick also pointed us to another film by the same director/skater combo, saying, “It looks very much like the film that inspired it, and is a good example of what a bit of budget can do for an idea.” Andy followed up with, “after these two I had to have a peak back at the intro to ‘Fully Flared’, which leaves me in awe every-time.”

Thanks to The Society of the Spectacle for their original post on the film that lead us on this hunt. Anyone have any other lovely film suggestions for our weekend viewing pleasure?