MB Salon welcomes Liam Sharp

Last week we were very excited to welcome reknowned comic artist, Liam Sharp to a Moving Brands ‘salon’. Throughout his long and successful career, Liam has worked on Batman, the game Gears of War, and was once sacked for making The Hulk just a little too hulky. Liam talked us through some of his work and explained how the process has changed dramatically over the years – from pen and gouache, to graphics tablet and Photoshop. He also made an interesting point on the role of the comic artist. Unlike in film, where the director is king and the writer often overlooked, in comics, the writer gets the fame while the artists (who, incidentally, often act as director, special effects co-ordinator, costume designer, set designer, and lighting director all in one) fade into the background.

Liam has just published his first novel, God Killers which can be bought by clicking here.