MB Twitter goes global

In the same way we help clients connect people to their brands, our own engagement strategy is built around people. Social media acts as a bridge between our audience and the stories we want to tell about ourselves, our approach, our work and our people.

We were amongst the first agencies to use social media platforms at all levels throughout the business, and as the area has developed, so we’ve learnt and evolved. Social media as a platform and data source is now integral to our approach to marketing, pitching, strategy and experience. Concurrently, Moving Brands has grown from one studio in London, to three studios including Zurich and San Francisco, and our clients, employees and supporters are increasingly reflective of this global outlook. Today, to better connect with you – our far-flung audience – we’re making some updates to our social media strategy.

We have a strong presence across platforms (Vimeo, YouTube, Facebook, Flickr), but our main communication tool is Twitter. Since 2009 we’ve used it as a way to start and join conversations about our philosophy for ‘creativity for a moving world’, but the voice has been somewhat London-centric. We’ve created in-depth social media guidelines and, over the next few weeks, we’ll be expanding our reach to include tweeters from our Zurich and San Francisco studios.

As with all new things, there will be a steep learning curve as we work out how best to manage multiple tweeters across one account, but we are excited to bring you all the news, views and hot links from across Moving Brands – one studio, three locations, loads of tweets!