MBer Simon’s adventures at Hyper Island

MB’s Simon Jones has returned from Sweden telling stories of world-class motion graphics, demilitarized islands and risque responses to an open brief.

After learning Simon was the man behind Resonance, the collaborative motion design project that explored the relationship between geometry and audio, Hyper Island program directors invited him to give a guest lecture at both their Karlskrona and Stockholm campuses. The school is famous for their digital and interactive media program, with their Master Class quickly becoming recognized as an industry standard. Unlike regular schools, there are no teachers, tests or books. Instead students work on projects with the help of guest lecturers that are experts in their field.


Simon spent two days with students at each campus, providing teams with a brief and then encouraging the students to think beyond the traditional techniques they favored. Hyper Island is known for their world-class grads, with 98% finding a job within 6months of graduating, but Simon wanted to communicate how important a varied portfolio is for future employers.

“They’re thinking big conceptually, and they’re incredible at traditional hand-crafted styles, but I kept telling them to try something different, not to be too focused on one technique. Try doing stop frame into 3D, and if it doesn’t work, at least you’ve tried,” said Simon.

The students and the Hyper Island set-up made quite an impression on him;

“I learned loads from them and they really inspired me. And it reminded me I shouldn’t be stuck in Cinema 4D – I need to listen to my own advice and strap a pair on.”