MB’s James on Typeradio’s “Now we are talking” podcast


Earlier this year, James Bull (one of the MB founders) was a key speaker at the European Design Festival, which he told us all about in this blog post.
Demetrios Fakinos, the Managing Director of the festival had some lovely things to say about Jim’s presentation:

Moving Brand’s body of work has earned the company a very positive reputation within the European design community. This is the reason why we decided to invite James Bull to deliver one of the key lectures at the ED-Conference which took place in Rotterdam earlier this year. To everyone’s satisfaction, the quality of Moving Brand’s work was coupled by James’ vibrant presentation skills. Indeed, according to the conference’s audience, the specific lecture was one of the highlights for this year’s ED-Festival.

While in Rotterdam, Jim spoke to Donald and Liza at TypeRadio. They discussed, among other things, whether there were any key differences between British and European design, and how MB’s multidisciplinary studio has driven their offer since their inception 12 years ago. Tune into the podcast here.


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