Dreams of art and algorithms

Last weekend, MB’s Mark was one of just 20 or so of the UK’s top software engineers and designers to take part in the Dream Factory’s hack day.

The Dream Factory was set up in honour of the philosophies of the Honda founder, Soichiro Honda, who has said, “We only have one future, and it will be made of dreams if we have the courage to challenge convention.”

The hack day event, supported by Honda and The Guardian, echoed this sentiment by asking participants to develop their work around the thought: “If we never venture into the unknown, how do we get anywhere new?”

Mark and his team-mate Chris Thorpe had planned to respond to the brief with a focus on behavioural change, but as planning began on the first day, their theme developed into a celebration of Art – pieces that had thought and ideas behind them, that were provoking but playful. Together they created three pieces; The Watchful State, Karma, and Dream with a Dream.

Mark explains on his blog, “All three pieces dealt with algorithms, code and control. They were as much about some strange desire we have to codify up our lives into possibly complex but ultimately meaningless algorithms, trying to reduce complexity to a point beyond understandable simplicity to end at a nihilistic pointlessness.

Reality is complex, understanding reality is hard.”

You can see all of the team’s projects here. Again, in Mark’s own words, “some very clever people came up with some very smart stuff.” Congrats to everyone involved!