Men in Black(Jet)

MovingBrands_BlackJet_Experience5_708 copy

The BlackJet app has launched, giving the cashed-up a faster, simpler way to spend thousands of dollars at the tap of a button. Well, in ten taps to be exact.

We were at the launch party in San Francisco on the 14th of February, where the BlackJet team announced the service and gave away free memberships. The app has launched in the last couple of days, and is picking up a buzz in Silicon Valley thanks in part to it’s hefty investors, who include Garrett Camp, Ashton Kutcher, Jay-Z and Will Smith. (Check out Bloomberg TV’s interview with CEO Dean Rothchin for more on these celeb fliers).

We partnered with BlackJet to create a brand identity and app for this radical new service, poised to forever change long-entrenched perceptions of private jet travel.

As BlackJet’s creative partner, we developed an experience that contradicts everything you expect from the frustrating, time-consuming chaos of commercial travel; a frictionless, ultra simple UI that enables secure high value transactions. We expect to see this design strategy – simplicity-as-luxury – become foundational in premium experience design.

You can download the app here. For those of us not based in the ten cities BlackJets flies to in the States, or if your in-app purchases don’t quite stretch to a private jet trip, why not download the app anyway, and get a peek into how the lux live?