Molotov Jukebox

We’re going to run down the rest of the week with a few music-orientated blog posts. First up, my friend Nat and her band Molotov Jukebox have just launched their first single (available here on iTunes) and released this scandalously awesome music video to go with it. In bid to steer away from total nepotism, I spoke with the film’s director, Marco Sandeman about his approach to the video and creating a look for the band going forward. Marco worked collaboratively with Molotov Jukebox to develop a cinematic feel, with the opening scene paying tribute to Some Like It Hot. The Lynchian speakeasy setting reflects the band’s general outlook and “Gypstep” style – retro, oddball and underground.

Marco feels that a music video that looks like a movie ‘has a bit more meat to it’, and if Lady Gaga, M.I.A, Gorillaz and Kanye are anything to go by, it certainly seems as though the traditional 3 minute vid no longer cuts it. Even in these attention defeated times, music artists are using film to build a world of stories and style around them which strengthens their brand and, ultimately, their fan base.

Molotov Jukebox absolutely kill it live and Nat was born a star, so I am interested to see how they extend their unique creativity into everything from their music videos to the locations they gig in, to the way they talk online and deliver consistently for their fans over and above their musical talent.

Tomorrow: Sonic branding and creative composition.