Mono: Shattering expectations of the online reading experience

Mono_Provided 708

In case you missed last week’s announcement, Madefire’s Motion Books are now available for the first time as a web reading experience, through their partnership with deviantArt. The response to Mono, the series created by MB’s founder Ben Wolstenholme, suggests dA’s audience are loving the online experience.

The second and third episodes of the award-winning Mono have now been launched on the site, and are 10 cents in dA points to unlock. You can still experience the first episode free here. And in case you needed any further persuading to check it out, here’s a selection of some of our favourite responses to the story:

“I really love the feeling you get while reading it! It’s something between reading a book and watching a film but better than both”

“OMG… i’m speechless, this totally exceeded my expectations. Definitely a new era for the comic books has arrived.”

“This might be the future of comics we’re witnessing.”

“Well I simply enjoyed the shit out of this. THANK YOU!”