Moving Brands meets Kingston University


As an ex-Kingston student, MB’s Creative Director Darren has held a series of talks at the university about the industry, creative processes and the work that Moving Brands has outputted over the last few years. Following on from Darren’s most recent talk, he invited the third year students to come in for a tour of the studio to meet the team and pick our brains about any questions they may have.

Today we had the pleasure of meeting the first group, who had a tour of the studio and the opportunity to speak to Paul (Client Engagement) about all things clients, planning and teamwork; Tim and Dan (Creative Technology/UX) about the importance of innovation and prevalence of technology in our lives; and MB founder Guy about the history of the agency and technicalities of our larger motion based projects.

After the tour, we congregated around our collection of 3D printed objects and shared how we navigated our way out of university and into employment, how best to promote oneself (both as a group and as individuals) and the art of preparing portfolios for interview.

The students were really engaging, asked great questions and follow a similar creative approach within their studies to how we work as a studio. The course tutor Marcus was kind enough to let us know that the visit was “a fantastic introduction to the workings of your studio and the team that go into making the work.”

We look forward to meeting more Kingston students next week!


  • Burhanuddin S

    Open to marketing students?

    • Georgina Milne

      Sorry, this session is just for Kingston students, but we host regular group studio tours throughout the year to get to know future MB’ers. Drop us a note at [email protected] with ‘Studio Visit’ in the subject and let us know what you’re studying and why you want to visit MB.