Moving Brands Meets… Scott Thomas

We had our first Moving Brands Meets… event in Tokyo last week at the Claska Hotel. Our guest speaker was Scott Thomas, the design director from the Obama Presidential campaign.

He talked about his team’s new media design work for the Obama for America campaign. It was so exciting to hear about their communication strategy in detail, and get a few behind-the-scenes stories of their design decisions. He is currently writing a book to explain how an obscure senator rose to the highest office in the land with the aid of branding and design.

Scott also talked about why he turned down the offer from the White House and came to spend 2 months in Japan. Good timing too, as Japan recently had a national election and it is quite shocking to compare the two. Here, no “new media” is allowed. Japan’s election law’s, that limit campaigning methods, are very strict and they haven’t changed in 50 years.

We were lucky to have Scott speak and for the event there were about 50 guests – thanks again all who joined us. No worries if you missed it, we’ll post video of Scott’s interview and presentation on our website.


  • Nikolaj Fisker

    Looking forward to the video.