SFDW Open Studio


Last week we joined celebrated San Francisco Design Week by opening the studio to visitors and chatting about the things we think matter in our world. We were thrilled to have a full-house and to be joined by an international brigade of fellow designers, design aficionados, and clients who were eager to discuss all things branding and design.

Guests had the chance to check out our work, which was displayed throughout the studio on boards and monitors. Upstairs, they were introduced to MB-coded Minos, an interactive programme plugged into social media that displays motion-sensored 3D objects generated by MB staff and client profile data.

Later in the evening, the Wolstenholme brothers took the stage to share some insight and thoughts about design today. Founder and Chairman Ben Wolstenholme discussed the ever-evolving world of branding and its unique relationship with design. His brother and co-founder, Guy Wolstenholme, who was visiting from our London studio, shared his excitement that more and more clients today understand and pursue design solutions that are optimised for a moving world, a vision that remains at the cornerstone of the Moving Brands founding philosophy.

Check out the pics here. Well done to everyone in the SF studio for making this year such a win. We can’t wait to open our studio again for SFDW 2015!