Moving Brands takes part in The Venture

The Venture by Chivas was launched in October 2014 to inspire, enable, and amplify Social Entrepreneurs. Across 16 countries, Chivas partnered with various start-up accelerators and magazines to find the most promising social entrepreneurs. Out of 1200 entries, 16 winning start-ups were selected based on business viability and potential impact. The product ideas are truly innovative, from low-cost sensor technology to make farming more efficient to a barrier-free taxi service in Hong Kong to beautifully designed prosthetic covers for leg amputees who want to express themselves boldly and creatively. The global finalists will travel to Silicon Valley in July to experience a weeklong start-up boot camp, complete with mentoring, learning, and inspiration. The culmination of the week is the final event, where the finalists will pitch for $1M in funding on Friday, July 24, 2015.

Moving Brands has been asked to work with the finalists during the Silicon Valley start-up boot camp, to share our ideas on the importance of branding for new business ventures. These 16 social entrepreneurs will discover the importance of brand, design, and storytelling. They will understand how brand impacts them, their product, and their business growth. The finalists will have the opportunity to chat one-on-one with our team and walk away with unique insights into the process of creating a successful brand. Stay tuned for more updates on this unique partnership.

All of the finalists can be seen here.