Moving on…

This week saw the departure of Moving Brands director extraordinaire Jack Laurance after seven very special years in the company. Whilst here, Jack was involved in the directing, producing and editing of an impressive amount of moving work. His skills have been invaluable and although there has been some debate between a couple of MB founders over who can take the credit for showing him the ropes, we won’t get back into that just now.

Of course it makes us sad that Jack will not be gracing the studio with his presence as much as we’re used to, but we are more than excited to see where his next great adventure takes him. And in the meantime we have his cardboard cutout to help us through the transition phase. To prove just how much we’ll miss him, on Wednesday we gave him a true Moving Brands send off (which has left everyone a little tender even now), and this video on the left by several MB talents. Big thanks to Nick, Jonny and Guy for that.

So goodbye for now. Keep on moving Jack.


  • Mark

    Great video! What is the track?

    • camillaadmin

      Hi Mark – it’s Iron by Woodkid

  • sarah withe

    Excellent! Nice job Guy, Johnny and Nick, worth that all nighter! x