Moving World Wednesday 20130508



Aloha Adobe

This week saw Adobe hold their annual MAX conference and the announcement of a number of product updates and business changes. The big news is that CS6 has now been superseded by ‘CC’ (Creative Cloud). It will no longer be possible to purchase stand-alone versions of the software, instead applications will be pay-to-use on a subscription based service of around £38 ($49) a month. (Thanks to MBs Nico for the tip). The main tangible benefit for consumers is that software will now be continuously updated (rather than released in yearly iterations with expensive upgrade cost), whilst Adobe will hope to move some people from piracy to subscription (like Spotify have managed with music consumption). YouTube are also said to be considering a subscription model.

Adobe also surprised the press by announcing a secret hardware project (click for video). “Mighty” is a pressure-sensitive pen for tablets, with a companion tool called “Napoleon” that works as a tool for drawing lines and arcs – like a digital draftsman tool. It’s an interesting move, and should help push creativity on mobile devices much further that existing tools have allowed, especially now that tablet devices are starting to be as capable as traditional devices like the Cintiq. (Thanks Jon H).


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