Moving World Wednesday 02/01/2013

Hey all,

Welcome to 2013! Here’s your first Moving World Wednesday of the year, with all the stats, news and views that you may have missed whilst consuming one too many mince pies….

Christmas Day 2012 saw a record 17.4m Android and iOS device activations, 2.5x more than in 2011, and 1.76bn app downloads (an increase of 65%).



Intel uncover plans to venture into the IPTV marketplace with a disruptive ‘per-channel’ model, but are reportedly held up in negotiations with content providers.

China passes law requiring internet users to register with their full names, linking all internet activity directly to the user.

Avis Budget have acquired short-term rental company Zipcar for $491m.

Giant Panda’s may hold the key to fighting drug-resistant superbugs, whilst cockroaches can now be controlled via Twitter.

UK digital entertainment sales have reached £1bn for the first time, with video and music seeing the greatest increases.

The founder of Rapha discusses how the company has transformed the look of cycling, creating a multi million pound company in the process.

Despite advances in technology, does anything ever change? Wired asks the same, instead focussing on the design of the umbrella.

Pakistan lifts YouTube ban, only to reinstate it three minutes later after finding that it hasn’t really changed much.

Newsweek ends 80 years in print with their final #LASTPRINTISSUE (and it’s a really good read too).

With travel disruption becoming more frequent, airlines have become proactive rather than reactive.



Mum creates 18 point contract for her new son and his ‘not a toy’ iPhone.