Moving World Wednesday 04/09/2013


Hello everyone, here’s this week’s roundup of business, tech and creative news from across the Moving World! Many thanks to all who submitted links!


Nokia + Microsoft

Microsoft has bought Nokia’s devices and services business for €5.4bn. 32,000 employees will transfer to Microsoft, including Nokia’s design teams. Use of the Nokia brand on handsets is included in the sale, however Nokia will continue to ‘own and maintain’ the brand. Nokia shares jumped over 40%, whilst Microsofts were down more than 6%.

Without the mobile business, Nokia will focus on three main areas; NSN (the telecoms equipment business currently rumoured to be signing a $200m contract in India); Here (mapping) and a patent/licensing arm called Advanced Technologies. It’s not yet clear how Nokia will be folded into Microsoft’s mobile offer, though a tighter integration of hardware and software (across mobile and tablet) is the obvious benefit.

The news has divided the internet, with some calling Nokia’s CEO a “double agent” and accusing him of “destroying Finland’s best company”. Others have accepted its inevitability and look back over Nokia’s history with nostalgia. So lets raise a glass to the 1kg Nokia Communicator and play one last game of Snake.


Happy birthday Skype!

Welcome to double figures to everyone’s friend (when it works…) Skype! The video chat and messaging service turned 10 last week. The company history has been rocky, with many people doubting the service, especially since their $8.5bn (£5.2bn) acquisition by Microsoft in 2011, but there’s no doubting the popularity and importance of the service with records showing Skype calls accounted for a total of 167 billion minutes last year.

Skype celebrated it’s special day with the news that they are currently developing 3D calls.


Watch this space

There has been lots of speculation regarding elusive watch devices this week. If you’re feeling behind, this Guardian article has a good overview of what’s happening in camps Samsung, Apple and Google so far.

Apple’s forthcoming announcement on 10th September has been rumoured to be a launch for the iWatch. There are also rumours that ‘iWatch’ might be a misdirection in the form of a clever name for a new Apple TV release.

Images of an alleged Samsung watch have appeared online. It is rumoured to be focused on health and fitness tracking, as well as health intake. The product is due to be revealed today so watch this space.

And I’m sure they are all shaking in their boots when they hear Casio is ‘prepared’ to rival devices

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