Moving World Wednesday 05/09/2012

Merry Wednesday to one and all! Your recap into the news, views and lols of the week continues…


More than 65% of people who book a hotel room within 24 hours of checking in and more than 15% of travelers who book a flight 24 hours or less in advance now do so via mobile

By 2020, all publicly educated Estonian school leavers will have 9 years of programming tuition under their belts, hoping to bolster industry around a generation of tech-literate graduates
Venture Beat


iPhone 5 details to be launched 12th September (next MWW may be iPhone 5 themed…)
The Guardian

Marissa Miller isn’t messing around at Yahoo. She’s personally vetting all potential hires and bringing in a bit of Google culture (in return for tighter deadlines and longer working hours)
Yahoo News

The Rise of Visual Social Media
Fast Company

10 Brands using Instagram well
PR Daily

MB News –
Geoff speaks at Creative Mornings Zurich
Moving Brands Blog


QR codes make for a beautiful piece of architecture and interactive walls at the Russian Pavillion at the Venue Biennale
Design Boom

Beautiful Issey Miyake window display

Ready Mag – a fun and interactive magazine for web, with nice touches of attention to detail


Creativity for a static world: Thames and Hudson releases ‘Graphic Design before graphic designers
CR Blog

The inventor of email explains why it’s here to stay (though “how we use it has remained virtually unchanged in 40 years” sounds like a good challenge…)


3D Printing: The Rise of The Digitally Produced, Tangible Social Product
Lowe Counsel

Aberdeen University researchers have developed £100 ‘Smart House’ technology to turn yours house into one interconnected, gesturally controlled environment


Installation in the V&A for London Design Festival by digital artist and film-maker Keiichi Matsuda

Print Show London will be the worlds first trade show dedicated to the little old thing called 3D printing you guys might be aware of?


Old Spice Muscle Music. No words, just noise

Photoshop troll (might try this one with a client…or maybe not…)