Moving World Wednesday 07/11/2012

It’s half way to Friday! Here’s this weeks collection of stats, news, views and things from the Moving World. Enjoy!



– Apple shifts 3 million new iPads in 3 days.

– Google feels the competitive squeeze as it’s share of the UK search market drops below 90% for the first time in 5 years.



– “What mattered in 2012 was data, and the tools to process it” – Obama wins the nerdiest election ever.

– Google Wallet launch physical card companion to allow purchases in shops without NFC readers.

– Search is rewiring our brain and changing how memory works.

– Reckitt Benckiser and WebMD give a window into the future of marketing, when advertisers will monitor consumers’ activities inreal time.

– Jony Ive now also runs Apples software department. Bye bye skeuomorphism?

– An interesting delve into British Airway’s ongoing brand strategy

– And, in the same vein, a debate on brand strategy, perception, pricing and people. Lots of good soundbites.

– Are Google and Microsoft going to offer mobile broadband in the UK?

– Meet Facebook’s minister of propaganda and head of ‘analog research lab’.



– The good is in the details.

– App icons

– Clock knits a scarf over the course of a year


And lastly, the LOLs

– This gets the best halloween dog costume trophy.

– And this gets the worst promo film trophy .