Moving World Wednesday 10/01/2013

This weeks Moving World Wednesday is a little bit different, it is on the theme of New Years Resolutions, and how players in the moving world make (and break) them.

The start of the new year makes us start to question our status and worth. Twitter’s recent evaluation at 7 billion dollars, is enough to make us all feel a bit worthless in comparison.

Self improvement often can start at work, be it position or pay, its definitely a priority at the top of the to-do-list for employees as LinkedIn reaches 200 Million users; that’s a rate of two new users signing up per second. Creative Review’s latest issue tackled the topic of money in their January issue and on their blog, admitting it to be “the subject no-one can ignore but which rarely gets talked about openly”. The effects of which were investigated by Digiday, opening a can of worms by publishing a pretty salacious (probably thanks to being mostly anonymous) report on ‘Millennials’ and the problems that established creatives find with the new generation, and vice versa (giving as good as they got).

Another big start of the year concern is health, with countless gym memberships and diet programmes taken up. There has been a recent trend to awareness of health in the digital world, with MTV commissioning original programming on how digital abuse affects people in the real world, and Wall Street Journal exploring who controls our digital legacy when we die?

Start this new year fresh with a declutter, as Selfridges has through launching a range of iconic household products with the logos removed. This is all part of their new No Noise initiative, including the ‘Silence Room’ a shopping area where visitors are asked to leave their phones and devices at the door.

And if improvements don’t work, why not try reinvention? McDonalds recently accepted its colloquial familiarity and rebranded some Australian restaurants to Macca’s, or go slightly even further off the radar – this article charts the bizarre and fascinating story of John McAfee, who went from head of McAfee security company to becoming a spymaster in Belize.

While emerging from your new years crystalis, remember change can be good, but also be careful not to lose sight of who you are, people do not react well to inauthenticity. This has been proven this week from the outrage to a set of new and independent looking coffee shops in town centres being outed at 49% owned by Tescos.

Start the year with some inspiration for your inner child and don’t forget, at the end of the day, we’re all just animals, really.