Moving World Wednesday 10/10/2012

Hey all!

Here’s this weeks ‘half way to Friday’ roundup of interesting stats, news, and internet from Ben and Ellen!


Facebook reaches one billion users, but as always, just don’t mention the share price.

The average Top 1000 YouTube channel receives $23k a month in ad revenue.

As Apple and Samsung flex their muscles, HTC suffers a 79% crash in quarterly profits



Kellogs has opened a store that exchanges product samples for tweets.

Does quarterly reporting hinder a large brands progress?

Pass the remote contr-lol. YouTube launched 60 new broadcast quality TV channels.

Who’d have thought it – Declassified US 1950s test plane looks like a UFO belonging to 1950’s Roswell conspiracies.

Have BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India And China) gone soft? Some investors are already weary.

I’m never cleaning my screen ever again”. Ellie Goulding to conduct the first digital signing via Google Hangout.

Twitters CEO has his role reduced following claims he’s difficult and hard to work with.

As aspirational luxury buyers disappear, how do you market luxury to those who live in luxury?



On Thursday Felix Baumgartner will attempt to freefall from 120,000ft, reaching 690mph. Streamed live with statistics here.

The queues for Rain Room reached 3 hours this weekend, this swing uses a similar concept and looks equally fun.

Mesmerising sand.. sandbox.

Nike creates an incredible ‘frozen moment’ installation (special shoutout for the coffee cup at 0:54)



Most ‘lyric use of redirects’ award: