Moving World Wednesday 14/11/2012

Welcome to your latest round up of news, views and LOLs courtesy of team MB


Microsoft’s Windows 8 chief leaves just a few weeks after launch

Nokia releases a standalone, HTML5 based mapping service.

The UK government finds the private space program profitable and ramps up investment

Major banks get behind Visa’s digital wallet scheme

How will brands carry on the social conversation in 2013?

Londons reliance on the tech industry is growing

How Obamas tech team helped deliver the 2012 election

What does the future hold for the UK highstreet, will online ever be able to replace the physicality of products?

Self-healing plastic responds to touch, keeps prosthetics and touchscreens in one piece (Link thanks to Mat)

Organisations should be modular and responsive, to provide an operating system for life.

Bloomberg launches iTunes style platform

BMW’s Performance sport steering wheel brings vehicle data right to your finger tips


Interactive video for Virgin America

Technology will save us release ‘The Bright Eyes Kit’ DIY LED glasses to inspire programming


Interesting project converting Zapfino to Arabic


Catch up on the most inspirational TED talks as they celebrate 1 billion views

Trailer for Energy Flow, a non linear film coming soon from Field (Link thanks to Rhoda)


Why doesn’t MTV play music videos anymore

This will never leave your brain