Moving World Wednesday 15/08/2012

Happy Wednesday everyone! Here’s some fresh links from across the world wide web to drag you from the post-Olympic slump. Trot on…


1 Olympics, 16 days, 150 million tweets


Milking it for all its worth – Creative Review does a neat roundup of Olympic design and designers

New hit Tumblr “Rich Kids of Instagram” gets flagged as a major security risk/ white people problem in this article

Flipboard CEO leaves Twitter board ahead of plans to lock-out third-party developers from Twitter

Ness app termed “e-harmony for foodies” by the Huff Po.


Berg’s Little Printer now available to pre-order. Here’s hoping MB’s Campbell gets us mates rates!

This wins on so many levels – women in business, inspiring promo video, and life-changing innovation

Beck releases new album via sheet music – “It’s more than an album, it’s an invitation”. Genius.


In the words of Ellen – “Thy bro before thy ho”. Vintage images of bro love

Nemo 33 is the world’s deepest pool.


Fascinating insight into Nike’s digital strategy – how a hardware company built a software company. A #longwatch but worth it.


Lovely way to navigate live Instagram content by location. Reminds me of the constantly updating flow of the Twitter stream – life passing by

Internet rave!


What Social Media gurus will look like in 2062

This changes everything. Again, once more, for a second time