Moving World Wednesday 17/07/2012


52% of adult cell phone users incorporate their mobile device into their television watching experiences
Fast Company


Marissa Mayer is woo-ed away from Google to become Yahoo!’s CEO.
This blogger sums up her work ethic as such, “If we have data, let’s look at data. If all we have are opinions, let’s go with mine”.

An oldie but a goodie – Town Hall speech from Jack Dorsey on his vision for Square
“Support and feedback is what our customers are telling us, and product is what we’re telling our customers. I think that’s an amazing, amazing statement. We have feedback loops, and then we speak something back, the product, this company, is what we’re telling the world.”
Tech Crunch

O2 has major network outage, makes everyone adore them
New Statesman
Moving Brands blog

Why, for Millennials, it’s about access not ownership
Fast Company


Brewster App is your address book for the future and, with lines like “see who’s trending in your life” and a pretty stunning sign-up process, who can resist?

Recce App takes multiple data sources to make immersive 3D maps


Adidas comes over all psychedelic bouncy 80’s in this video to the left

But is it [email protected]?


At Comic Con, Robert Downey Jr shows everyone how to make an entrance