Moving World Wednesday 19/09/2012

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Here’s this weeks selection of interesting stats, news, views and interactive from the Moving World!

Happy Wednesday!


Obligatory iPhone mention. With 2m+ preorders in 24 hours the iPhone 5 is the fastest selling iPhone yet. Could this be due to the number of people who got iPhone 4s’ on 24 months contracts who have all been waiting to upgrade?
The Independent

Digital storytelling is gaining traction, with e-book sales up 188% in 6 months. The main driving force is children’s digital books, with sales up 171%. Worth noting that physical book sales remain strong, with only a slight 0.4% drop.
The Telegraph

There are now more millionaires in Asia than North America for the first time in history.


Microsoft are setting up a production studio in LA and aim to use the Xbox 360 as a global digital video network to deliver their content. Alongside traditional media, they want to experiment with interactive experiences using the Kinect.
Financial Times

Reality TV has reached a global scale. Urthecast are launching the “worlds first ever high definition, streaming video platform of planet Earth” using cameras attached to the bottom of the ISS. Will anyone tune in?

Baxter the robot aims to bring cheap labour to the US, hoping to retain manufacturing jobs that would otherwise go overseas. Unskilled workers can program the robot by literally hand-holding it through the process, passing the knowledge from human to machine.
Business Week

A long view of a mighty legacy. The CEO of Hearst looks back over his tenure and explains why managing creatives isn’t difficult…. “Treat them with admiration and respect”.
Financial Times

Ubi, the ubiquitous computer, will bring Star Trek style interaction to the home. Always on, it starts listening when it hears “Ubi…” and can answer almost anything you ask it. With $229,000 in Kickstarter funding they aim to deliver units by February next year.

Nestle are playing real-world, GPS based, Willy Wonka. They’ve embedded GPS trackers into 6 bars which, when opened, notify the prize team who will deliver the £10,000 prize.



Google’s Chrome Experiment has reached 500+ examples. Designers and developers around the world contribute their experiments to the project, in a collective effort to push the technical and creative limits of modern web technologies.
500 Chrome Experiments

Really lovely site from students on the Interactive Art Direction course at Hyperisland SE, investigating trends and opportunities in each global market. Whilst some elements are specific to IAD, there are lots of little interesting facts and insights in there if you dig around.
IAD Industry

Here’s the link to the New York Fashion Week Google Glasses video that we mentioned last week.