Moving World Wednesday 19/12/2012

Google maps for iOS downloaded 10m times in less than 48 hours

Mass Insta-exodus as users quit accounts after Instagram makes moves to selling your content without compensation, then later to release a statement reassuring users after all the backlash
(Great dissection of the statement here by Asbury & Asbury)

The ‘controversial’ logo redesign for University of California and how it was scrapped by the University

Google Maps Back On Apple Devices As An iOS6 App – as people never get lost ever again

Social media misuse guidelines to differentiate between joke posts and credible threats

Tweets and blogs should be subject to full force of law according to Leveson

Internet Explorer vulnerability lets hackers track your mouse movements

Russian company Yota creates smartphone with simple Kindle-like display

Swatch books to the back of the shelf – colour sensing tool Node Chroma on iPhone

Very clever indeed. Police authenticate recordings with the help of a hum

Scientists build a biological pacemaker by injecting a modified virus into the heart

The year in branding according to Design Week

Google recounts how YouTube helped share global news from around the world in 2012

Try not to squirm as you read the year’s worst tweets

The 100 most creative people of 2012

Google Imagines a Real World That’s as Irritating as the Internet

The Killing revealed as nonsense