Moving World Wednesday 03/10/2012

Happy Wednesday!


A certain something… something BIG from us called Firebrands is on it’s way!


Beautiful stats this week, from the winners of the Information is Beautiful awards

The iPad accounts for nearly all web traffic originating from tablets, and 54.5 percent of all traffic from mobile devices (Thanks to Johannes)


Apple apologises over Maps failure, “While we’re improving Maps, you can …use Google or Nokia maps”

Want to use Pantone 2685c? Think again. Cadbury wins exclusive use rights to colour

Electronics company shares files so customers can 3D print replacement parts (Thanks to Dan Soltis)

How Burberry is using technology to their advantage in the fashion world (thanks to Aki)

We’re wanted! Square acquires design firm (thanks to Dan Soltis):

A bit of history — how paperbacks disrupted the publishing industry (Thanks to Dan Soltis)

RT.I.P – A conference in London this week asks ‘Where does your data go when you die’…


Robots learning to play catch… oh to be that ball in that net…

Beautiful interactive installation at London Design Museum as part of London Design Festival

What does remembering feel like? Interesting experiments around memoryits annoyingly competitive actually feel like saying chill out (Thanks to Campbell)

Topshop create interactive and customisable catwalk for London Fashion Week (thanks to Julia)


Beautiful making of The Making of the Hermès/Leica M9-P (Thanks to Aki)


“If you take the Beatles’ songs and called them software played on hardware, that’s Facebook.” Will, i am not impressed… and Cowell launch X-Factor for Tech. An industry prepares to hide behind its sofas.

New and improved iPhone delivery methods

(and if you’re feeling bad about ‘wasting’ your time viewing the above image, take a look at this –