Moving World Wednesday 20121017

I hope you’re ready for your weekly dose of news, views and lols from the moving world, because here it is, coming at you like a Baumgarter from the stratosphere. Enjoy!

Love is the most used word in Twitter bios

Microsoft, Apple and Samsung will spend a combined $5bn on advertising this christmas.

29% of those under 30 now listen to ‘most or all’ of their music via streaming services.

Google ‘to be told by EU to unravel privacy policy

New British Government website launched: the first action in a new mission to transform Government digital services to “make government itself more open and accessible” through design

3D printing is coming (link thanks to Mat)

How Red Bull will benefit from that jump

Do we really buy into big brands PR stunts?

Should Brands be mean?

Firebrands insight: Luxury Brands Connecting to the catwalk (By MB’s own Fiona)

?Lexus brings a Magazine to Life with CinePrint™? (Thanks to Aki)

Engineering students take on the Sikorsky challenge with a beautifully engineered human powered helicopter

A radio recreated the components of a radio into the shape of London’s iconic tube map

Colouring in-k: A printer with felt tips creates some stunning results

Code Poetry anyone?

SNL sends up all those iPhone complainers in this sketch from the live show last weekend

Bored of your current placeholder text? Try Bacon Ipsum

Facebook ad send up (write your own word in and refresh)