Moving World Wednesday 20130206

Hey all! Here’s this weeks roundup of news and views from across the Moving World.

Twitter have released Vine, their new video sharing app that only lets you record six seconds of looping footage. The app/site has seen a very fast uptake, with brands quickly jumping on board, such as General Electric, Urban Outfitters, and ASOS. Interestingly, Facebook have blocked the site. Despite this there have been a lot interesting little sites set up that use the API… the MB favourite is VinePeek, which automatically refreshes through the feed like a mesmerising portal into humanity (unfiltered so potentially NSFW).

Michael Dell, the original founder of Dell Computers, has just regained private ownership of the company in a $24.4 billion dollar deal, $2 billion of which has come from Microsoft, interestingly in the form of a loan. Being privately owned will allow the company to make faster, more drastic shifts in strategy without having to appease Wall Street. The deal has raised a few points of interest, such as Microsofts willingness to invest (a way of integrating their software and hardware into one offer, Apple style?) and how the company may shift from consumer to enterprise.

An interesting site popped up on our Twitter today… is apparently “an invader, an ode, a brand in waiting, a pitch to the market” on sale for $18,000 to anybody that wants an off the shelf brand that “fights for life by building meme-hooks through studies in contrasts, nostalgia, repetition and confusion”. Yeah. There’s a list of deliverables here. The site has received a lot of attention, prompting the designer to post an explanation on their blog.


Links you may have missed:

Buyout firms are seeking funds to make £10bn bid for Everything Everywhere (the UKs largest mobile operator)

MailChimp have a very interesting site on their tone of voice, Voice & Tone

Apple loses right to iPhone name in Brazil.

RIM rebrand to BlackBerry.

Disney releases immersive web experience “Find Your Way to Oz”. (Nerdy in depth case study here).

James Dyson has released an Air Blade tap.

MapBox’s new online tool lets you create really nice, custom maps in seconds.

An artist has created these awesome, yet slightly creepy flexible paper sculptures.